It’s not the bias that’s the problem, it’s how it’s applied.

Politicians, in general, win their offices because of their ability to stoke and exploit political divisions. The best among them — even if their intentions in representing you are honest — must first manipulate you with shiny slogans, slander their opposition with baseless accusations, and create political divisiveness around even the most trivial issues to earn your vote. Your mostly emotional and misguided vote.

Law enforcement, in general, are specifically trained to remain objective despite their political opinions and personal biases. There may be some who let these biases creep in, but these are not the best among them. The best among them take an objective path to justice, even when the idea of justice may be subjective to the rest of us. These best among them are often members of our nation’s top law enforcement agency, the FBI.

So when a contingent of politicians accuse the FBI of being biased in their pursuit of justice, it’s important to remember that the politicians got elected by embracing political divisions, while members of the FBI are there partly because of their ability to set those divisions aside.